Q - Where's my stuff?

A - Orders usually take between 7-14 business days to arrive, but if it has taken longer than this or you're worried about your order then you can either check out our Shipping page for more info or contact us directly at contact@bumble-babies.co.uk. Tracking is available on most orders but there is occasionally some delay in them being activated. 


Q - Where's my stuff?

A - Please don't worry if this happens. We have lots of different suppliers and each one does things a little differently. You can click the tracking number in the shipping confirmation to find out a little more about where your other parcel is!


Q - The discount code isn't working, what do I do?

A - Unfortunately we don't have automatic discount codes so they do need to be entered manually at the checkout before paying. If that hasn't worked, please contact us at contact@bumble-babies.co.uk and we will fix the problem.


Q - How do bumble points work?

A - You can earn points for lots of different activities. When you sign up to the loyalty scheme you get 50 free points! If you share on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) you get 50 points. If you have a birthday we will give you 100 points on us! When you place an order you will receive 5 points for every £1 you spend!


Q - I signed up for the rewards program after I made a purchase, can I still have points?

A - Of course you can! We get notified of any payments you make even before you sign up. We will backdate your purchases as soon as possible.


Q - I want to sell my products with you! How do I get in touch?

A - Contact us at business@bumble-babies.co.uk for any business enquiries.


Q - How do I review a product I've bought?

A - Simply return to the page of the product you bought and scroll down to find the review button. Or even better, you could make a post on Facebook or Instagram (preferably with a picture!) and tag us. Of course, if it is a bad review we would much prefer you contacted us first directly in order to give us a chance to make it right. We're quite good that way.


Q - I'm not not happy with my purchase, what happens next?

A - If that's the case then we're very sorry to hear it! Please let us know immediately at contact@bumble-babies.co.uk and we will definitely organise a solution.


Q - I made a mistake and I want to cancel my whole order, what do I do?

A - Our cancellation policy lasts an hour. Unfortunately after that it will be in processing with our supplier and we won't be able to cancel it, but you can still contact us if you wish at contact@bumble-babies.co.uk.


Q - Help, I ordered the wrong thing, what do I do?

A - Please contact us as soon as you realise at contact@bumble-babies.co.uk and we should be able to organise an exchange.