2 Pack Deer Organic Cotton Muslin Squares

2 Pack Deer Organic Cotton Muslin Squares

  • £16.95

Our new Organic Cotton Muslin Squares are really quite useful when you have young ones, and come in a handy pack of 2! Organic cotton is grown without the use of GMO and harmful fertilisers and pesticides. These toxins are harmful to the farmers and eco-system, and can be to us as consumers - however, without all the nasties these organically grown cotton crops are actually beneficial to the environment. So, yay for organic! Our muslin squares are ideal for swaddling, as burping cloths, as blankets, and of course, for peek-a-boo! We are able to mix and match the prints and if you would like two different prints in organic cotton just send us a message and we'll be happy to help!


Material: 100% Organic Cotton
Size: 60x60cm

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