Four Layer Organic Cotton Deer Blanket

Four Layer Organic Cotton Deer Blanket

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We're proud to offer these extra large and snuggly blankets made from organic cotton! These muslin blankets are four layers thick, but have a light and open weave that helps to regulate temperature, keeping babies and toddlers warm and toasty without overheating - just perfect for a toddler bed or for late night nursing sessions. Organic cotton is grown without the use of GMO and harmful fertilisers and pesticides. These toxins are harmful to the farmers and eco-system, and can be to us as consumers - however, without all the nasties these organically grown cotton crops are actually beneficial to the environment. It's also known to be more durable owing to the fact that the fibres aren't exposed to corrosive chemicals that degenerate the crop, leaving each strand stronger. And you can be sure that little one is wrapped in the purest material possible. So, yay for organic! You will love the supple and natural fabric against your little one's skin. At 120x120cm, these gorgeous blankets are a generous size and will last kiddos through the years as a comfy quilt or lovey. Available in lots of other designs.


Material: 100% Organic Cotton

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