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How long will it take/where's my stuff?

I've received part of my order?

Where do you ship/why am I being charged for shipping?

I've put my address in wrong, what can I do?

Covid-19 - Coronavirus Pandemic (Updated 27/03/20)

Are there any delays due to the pandemic?

Is it safe to accept my delivery?

Are you being safe/do you have good hygiene?

Loyalty Program

How do bumble points work?

I signed up for the rewards program after I made a purchase, can I still have points?


How do I review a product I've bought?


I'm not not happy with my purchase, what happens next?

I made a mistake and I want to cancel my whole order, what do I do?

Help, I ordered the wrong thing, what do I do?

How do I contact you guys?

Just send us an email!